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 This is a program that we favour for night classes, special modules classes, one-on-one classes or group classes. It proposes a complete learning framework for adults across 3 levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.


This course aims to provide students with basic communication skills at the beginner level and beyond. The objectives are to facilitate the acquisition of communication and competency including true beginners of French Language. This is a method that is designed to help prepare people for D.E.L.F. (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue française) an internationally recognized benchmark for students studying French as a Second Language.

Strengths of the Basic Communication French course

  • A transparent learning course for both teachers and students
  • A variety of teaching aids adapted to each objective
  • A learning method adapted to course objectives
  • A learning experience privileged by its diversity: a constant maintenance of student interest, continually motivates exchange and student participation, structured learning of vocabulary and verb conjugation, invites independent learning and discovery and encourages students to reflect upon their learning experience
  • Grammar summary
  • Numerous activities
  • The interaction among students or between students-teacher is made easy with this program








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