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In this course you will discover the many different aspects of French communication while using realism and humour.

It allows for flexibility in learning French in its modern style modules. Through some varied activities and realistic dialogue, you will explore communication in ‘hands on’ situations. Each lesson illustrates a specific language function using typical situations of daily life with a normal everyday life vocabulary, without the use of slang!

Certain subjects can be found in the different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) like shopping, or going to a restaurant; situations in which they are given or asked for specific information. Each lesson ends with a review test.

This program proposes a series of lessons; each organized:

One or several concrete dialogues that can also be listened to on audio support. We will find as well, recapitulated different lexicon notes or cultural and practical expressions.

Also, you will find three different kinds of pedagogical exercises:

  • Exercises that are aim to verify the dialogue comprehension
  • Exercises that will require one to reuse the vocabulary that was just learned
Role play or creative activity.







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