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 We favour this method when a student disposes of a limited number of hours to learn French and wants to cover as much material as possible in a fairly short time frame; this method is suited for this type of fast track studying.

3 Levels ( Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)

A progressive and pedagogical grammar series that is lively and stimulating!

This simple, clear and practical grammar focuses on and proposes lessons with practicing exercises, for a progressive improvement.

Through a progressive approach and an authentic language it presents and explains complex grammar points and puts a link between form and meaning in order to associate grammar and communication with numerous and relevant examples to reinforce the grammar points.

The exercises of are necessary to supplement the grammar component as it consolidates the grammar learned and develops oral and written communication. It encourages both creativity, with illustrations of grammar points, and oral expression.

This course also introduces the basis of vocabulary and helps the learners assimilate this vocabulary as quickly and easily as possible. It offers the student the essential tools to communicate in French in a simple, clear and precise way.

- the words are put in context in sentences, stories, dialogues...

-exercises and communication activities range from the easiest to the more difficult. These exercises are varied (true or false, find the odd one out, multiple choice questions, cloze tests...).


There are 3 books (one for each level) of tests to measure the understanding of the grammar learned in previous classes.

There are 3 books (one for each level) of tests to measure the retention of the vocabulary covered in previous classes.












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