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Language Aptitude Tests


We use The Lognostic Language Aptitude Tests by Paul Meara, James Milton, Nuria Lorenzo- Dus Published by Express Publishing.

The Language Aptitude Tests are designed to determine if individuals are likely to be good at learning a second language. The tests themselves attempt to assess different aspects of language learning aptitude. The separate tests contain the following:

  1. Aural memory for sound strings
  2. Visual memory of paired associates
  3. Aural recognition of unfamiliar sounds
  4. The ability to form sound and symbol correspondences
  5. Grammatical inferencing skills

They also compile statistical data to indicate future success in learning.

Most people are not aware that different kinds of ability will affect learning in different ways. People can react differently to the individual tests according to whether they feel they are being tested on something they are good or bad at. Several reasons are given by test takers to explain the favourable way they reacted to the tests:

  • Usefulness
  • Fun and Challenging
  • Quick
  • Eye-catching
  • Intellectually Stimulating
  • User-friendly
The Language Aptitude Tests allow us as language trainers to give reasonably accurate estimates. We find that these Lognostics Language Aptitude Tests allow us to determine the number of hours that it will take for a particular student to reach their linguistic profile with an accuracy rate of 5-10 % of the total number of hours estimated.


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