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for Adult French Group Classes


Beginner I Level Goals

  • Basic Vocabulary and Conversation: days of the week, months, seasons, time, primary numbers, etc.
  • Nouns and Articles: gender, plural forms of articles and nouns.
  • Verbs and pronouns: moods and tenses, the present tense, reflexive verbs
  • Adjectives: regular and plural forms, Masculine and Feminine
  • Prepositions: to or from place, etc.
  • Interrogative words and constructions: forming questions
  • Adverbs,  Phonetics and Pronunciation

Beginner II Level Goals

  • Vocabulary and Conversation: make introductions and appointments, describe a typical day
  • Possessive Adjectives: his, hers, theirs
  • Verbs and Tenses: “yes” and “no” imperative, past and present tense with infinitives
  • Numbers: cardinal, ordinal, collective, fractions
  • Questions: use of when, where, which, etc.
  • Questions: use of verbs in the past tense
  • Partitive articles: some or any
  • Phonetic and Pronunciation

Intermediate I Level Goals

  • Vocabulary and Conversation: make telephone calls, relate past events, etc.
  • Direct and Indirect Questioning
  • Position of object pronouns with conjugated verbs, infinitives and affirmative commands
  • Verbs: regular forms of the future tense, use of near future. Conversational Past Tense and use of recent past
  • Phonetic and pronunciation

Intermediate II Level Goals

  • Vocabulary and Conversation: ask for directions; describe people and location, etc.
  • Forming Questions by inversion, interrogative, adjective, and pronoun
  • Verbs: Subjunctive- present, past and imperfect, Imperative tense and Past conditional
  • Adverbs: formation and position; comparison of adjectives and adverbs
  • Indirect and negative Questions: use of “ne” and “pas”
  • Phonetic and Pronunciation

Advanced I Level Goals

  • Vocabulary and Conversation: increase vocabulary range of topics, workplace terminology
  • Communication: ask for directions, give descriptions, organize presentations, and communicate in the workplace
  • Expressions of: duration, time, doubt
  • Adjectives: possessive, demonstrative and indefinite
  • Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs: regular comparison, comparative followed by nouns
  • Negative Words and Constructions: use of interrogative and negative words and constructions, negation of simple tenses, negation of compound tenses
  • Conversational Past Tense: passé composé of ‘er’, ‘ir’ and ‘re’ verbs, irregular past participle ending in ‘é’, ‘i’, ‘is’, ‘it’, ‘ait’, ‘u’, ‘ert’, ‘indre’, agreement of past participles with verbs conjugated with ‘avoir’

Advanced II Level Goals

  • Vocabulary and Conversation: increase range of topics
  • Communication: organize more complex presentations, and communicate in specific workplace terms
  • Expression of: opposition, time, duration and necessity
  • Indefinite Demonstrative Pronouns, ‘ce’, ‘ceci’, ‘cela’, ‘ça’
  • Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs followed by nouns
  • Negative Interrogative: Answer “si” to  negative questions, omission of “pas”, negation in the infinitive, negative words and phrases
  • Imperfect Tense and regular forms of verbs with spelling changes
  • Verbs: present, past and imperfect, subjunctive, reflexive verbs, “S’asseoir’. Reflexive verbs versus non reflexive verbs, imperative and negative verbs
  • Phonetic and Pronunciation

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