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Programme de français langue seconde PFL 2
Niveaux A et B


Programme de français langue seconde - Niveaux A et B is the French as a Second Language training program developed by the Canada School of Public Service to aid the user in attaining the A and B levels of bilingualism in the federal government. It will help federal government employees studying French as a second language to achieve sufficient communicative competence to interact efficiently in French in day-to-day job-related tasks. This series replaces “le français pour nous” (FPN) and “le français pour moi - la série bleue” (FPM-Blue) publications.

PFL2 - A et B takes a communicative, task-oriented approach to learning a second language. It covers the main elements of language and communication including:

    • language functions
    • listening
    • vocabulary
    • grammar
    • phonology
    • communication strategies
    • writing

PFL2 - A et B consists of 40 training objectives, Objectifs de formation (OF), formulated in terms of communicative performances. The activities are generally designed to be done in the classroom. Some of them include a correction key; these may be done in self-directed learning. A number of activities come with audio recordings and a certain number contain videos. The program includes a lexicon of more than 3,000 entries (Lexique) and explanation charts for study points (Receuil des tableaux).

The CDs, Enregistrements, include all the audio recordings from the 40 training objectives of the Programme de français langue seconde - Niveaux A et B. For each activity, the recordings are presented in a continual mode. The CDs also include an audio version of the videos.

Auto-évaluation - Activités orales accompanies the training objectives 1 to 32 of the Programme. This material contains oral question/answer type exercises covering the functional content of the training objectives. The level of language used reflects the verbal communication of the workplace. For each question, two examples of answers are given so that the learner can compare his or her answers to those provided. Then, in an interview simulation, he or she can answer the questions again without interruption. The scripts for this material, entirely geared to develop oral language components, are reserved for teachers only. This material consists of a series of audio recordings packaged in three jewel cases.

Auto-évaluation - Activités écrites allows users to review and evaluate the mastery of certain study points studied in the Programme. The answer key for each activity provides explanations to help understand each correct answer, reviewing and reinforcing what you have learned. For certain questions, more than one answer is possible. This materiel consists of four books. Consolidations are a set of activities designed for revision in the classroom of the training objectives (objectifs de formation, or OF) and study points studied in the Programme. This material consists of four books.

Finally, the book Présentation des composantes is a presentation and description of the components of the Programme, and Guide pédagogique is a user’s guide for the different components.


Niveaux A et B























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