Profile A, B, C

Succeeding at the SLE (Second Language Exam) is not our only goal as we feel that the language being learned should last a lifetime.
The training method used for all Federal employees is: Programme de français langue seconde (PFL2) which is the CSPS communication-based training program focusing on French in the workplace:

– Profile A & B-The beginner and intermediate levels
– Profile C- The advanced level

The 4 components of the language testing are the same for all profiles, but in varying degrees of tolerable error margin concerning the understanding, ambiguity, or clarity of the messages:

  1. Aural comprehension
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Written expression
  4. Oral Interaction

This method is available in an on-line format for all federal employees by accessing their ‘myaccount’ at: . All instructors arrive with the related teaching material and a portable computer for additional material.
In addition to the prescribed method, The Language Studio also incorporates the following accompaniments into individual training plans:
• Industry/department specific: Students will work on technical documents and vocabulary related to their field of work such as regulations, policies, programs, procedures, correspondence, etc.
• Written Expression: 1000 practice tests similar to those at the PSC that have been developed by TLS to be completed by the students autonomously, and then corrected with the instructor.
• Aural/Reading/Oral interaction: 150 pages of oral questions and role-play simulation exercises emulating those of the PSC.


  • Each student has a personally developed training plan
  • Training is overseen by a Program Manager and Pedagogical Advisor
  • Intensive training will be shared among several teachers in to enrich the experience and to contribute to diversity of accents, intonations, pedagogical approaches.
  • Oral exam preparation will see an increased diversity of training.
  • Flexibility in delivery methods: face to face or online
  • Flexibility in location: work site, residence, public location, virtual
  • Flexibility of scheduling and rescheduling includes evenings and weekends


Send us your requirements and your test results (from the PSC); we would be pleased to provide you with a personalized quote.
We can provide in-house assessments with a Pedagogical Advisor.


“I had an excellent experience working with The Language Studio to achieve my French language learning levels, as required for my job as a Public Servant. My teachers were extremely professional, well prepared and worked with me to provide a learning environment tailored to my needs. I was enrolled in full-time training, and during this time the support provided was paramount in instilling my confidence to communicate in French. I would highly recommend The Language School for anyone looking for teachers who truly care about their student’s success.”

Allison Watson,
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

"I participated in one-on-one training with the Language Studio.  I was very impressed with the quality of the training and the variety of tools they provided.  They accommodated my request to provide the training in my office which greatly assisted me.  I would certainly return to the Language Studio for further training."

Julie A. Jagoe, CMA
National Director, Financial Services
Environment Canada