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Dr. Bruce Archibald, PhD.
President of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontarioprésident de l’Agence fédérale
de développement économique pour le
Sud de l’Ontario

I have been taking French classes with Dora for quite some time!  Dora is a knowledgeable, professional and friendly instructor, and she is always patient and flexible with my schedule.  I look forward to my weekly French lessons at The Language Studio!

Je prends des cours de français avec Dora depuis un certain temps! Dora est une enseignante professionnelle, amicale avec beaucoup de connaissances et elle est toujours patiente et flexible vis-à-vis de mon emploi du temps. Je me réjouis de mes leçons de français hebdomadaires au Language Studio!


Terry Jackman
Private Student

I am enjoying my French classes (at The Language Studio) very much. Eric is an excellent instructor and goes out of his way to add to the material in the textbook to make the classes interesting and relevant.


Puni Piyasena, PhD., PEng.
Research Manager,
Greenhouse and Processing Crops
Research Centre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Harrow, Ontario

I am glad that I had the opportunity to study at The Language Studio. From the director to the professors to the secretary, they all maintain high values, ethics, and professionalism. I was a team member; I worked with the director and professors to set goals, and develop a plan to succeed. They custom make a program for each student, which is the secret of the high rate of success at The Language Studio. I had less than 11 months of training to reach the C-B-C level. I take this opportunity to thank the determined director and the professors who coached me so that I could get my C-B-C level. I recommend The Language Studio to anyone who is willing to work hard to reach their desired level of competency in French.


Colleen Robinson
Regional Director,
Human Resources,
Health Canada

"Learning French through The Language Studio was a very positive experience. The staff was professional, flexible and supportive of my goals and objectives. The Learning was adult-oriented, so I felt respected and comfortable at all times in the classroom environment. The teachers took a genuine interest in my progress, which enabled me to achieve and exceed my learning goals within the time expected. Overall, an excellent experience!"


Jennifer Hundleby-Anthony
H.R. Advisor/Conseillère en R.H.,
Ontario Region/Région D'Ontario

"The Language Studio provides a thoroughly professional and relaxed learning approach, using many different media. The mixture of one-to-one and group discussions expedites rapid and effective learning and the instructors are highly skilled in the nuances of language and its instruction. I was able to surpass the goal set for my training and succeed beyond expectation when writing my exams. I sincerely recommend The Language Studio to anyone wanting to start learning or improve their proficiency."


Julie A. Jagoe, CMA
A/National Director,
Financial Services
Finance Directorate
F&C Branch,
Environment Canada

"I participated in one-on-one training with the Language Studio.  I was very impressed with the quality of the training and the variety of tools they provided.  They accommodated my request to provide the training in my office which greatly assisted me.  I would certainly return to the Language Studio for further training."


Ezio Di. Emanuele,
Regional Director/  Directeur régional
Ontario Regional Office/
Bureau régional de l'Ontario
174 Stone Road West/
174, rue Stone ouest
Guelph, Ontario/
Guelph (Ontario)  N1G 4S9

“My French language training at the Language Studio has been an enriching experience, both in terms of content, methodology and the professional instructors that deliver the course work. The instruction was most enjoyable and personable and has been an invaluable help with applying the French language inside and outside of the workplace. When seeking second language instruction, the Language Studio offers first rate professional, personal and flexible service.”


Christine Delestard
HR Coordinator
Human Resources Branch
174 Stone Road West,
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 4S9

"As arranger of the French language courses for Agriculture in Guelph and a participant in the courses, I have been impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of the Language Studio and their endeavour to accommodate the different learning situations that have come up. The classes themselves are varied, using many different approaches including listening to CD's and videos and the discussions are varied and stimulating. I have now a much greater comfort level in actually using the French that I have learned with my colleagues in Ottawa and Montreal and my children studying French at home."


Taras Hollyer
Regional Team Leader
Office of Intellectual Property
and Commercialization
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

"The training I received was individualized and quite focused with a range of professors, all of which had significant teaching experience. My background was that of someone who took a bit of high school French, and in the space of 12 months, the Language Studio had me fluently writing, reading and speaking in French.

One of the first tasks I did upon coming back to work was to negotiate a complex R&D agreement with a francophone university, which I was able to do with surprisingly little difficulty. I would definitely recommend the Language Studio to anyone wanting to learn French in a way that allows them to communicate effectively in French. I use French on a regular basis on my job, both with Canadian and European clients. What the Language Studio did, in effect, was to give me the ability to communicate in French, which is the whole point in learning a language. My colleagues who took more academic training in French are still struggling with this aspect, whereas I can now read, write, discuss and defend complex ideas with francophones from industry, academia and government."


John A. Lynch
Science Director,
Food Safety and Processing
Food Safety and Quality/
Salubrité et qualité des aliments
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/
Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
93 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 5C9

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada -
Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada

"As an older-than-average student with a limited allocation of time, I had significant apprehension about the choice of a language school to assist me in attaining the ambitious level of fluency required for my new federal government job. However, based on the recommendations of two respected colleagues, I chose the Language Studio and I am confident that I made the best choice.

With the experienced guidance of the Director, excellent instruction from a broad spectrum of teachers and valued input from previous and current students, I exceeded the levels of fluency required on my first attempt at all three mandatory examinations in less time than was available and without having to travel outside my city of residence for instruction.

The instruction was very personalized and predominantly classroom-based, but it incorporated social and group interactions effectively to simulate broader real-life settings. Films, music, television, radio and a variety of reading materials were integrated into the instruction program to supplement the well-structured formal learning plan and materials.

The training I received also provided an excellent introduction to the broader francophone world and an appreciation for important cultural facts and considerations at a global level. This has allowed me to function much more effectively in interactions with francophone colleagues, clients and contacts from around the world. The learning environment at the Language Studio is friendly, flexible and challenging. It offers a comfortable and supportive entry point for students at all levels of fluency.

For serious students seeking second language instruction for business or personal reasons, I would strongly encourage you to consider the Language Studio. As a student starting with a limited and outdated knowledge of French as a second language, their professional team met my needs completely."



Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

John W. Gardner





All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners... Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas.
If they're not learning, they're not growing...
not moving toward excellence.

Denis Waitley










































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