Private Language Training – All Levels

French or English as a Second Language (Other languages available upon request)are available in both group and individual settings.


This is the most progressive option for individual learning. All languages are offered on a private basis,online.

Adult learners are expected to take part in the direction of the training as reaching goals and objectives increases motivation and progress. Private language training is customized to personally fit individual needs, aptitude, learning style, and schedule. Therefore, we:

  • start at your level
  • progress at your speed
  • choose your schedule
  • curriculum tailored to fit your objective (ie: general, business, oral, grammar, preparation for the DELF and DALF)

Form-Your-Own Group

If you wish to form your own group (maximum of 8), we will customize the course to meet your needs. To maximize results, everyone in your group must be at a similar level of proficiency.

We do have placement tests available if you are unsure of your current level.

Sessions are minimum of 2 hours per week.

Today's technology makes virtual/online training easy,fun and efficient.