Thank you for the great semester. I enjoyed the classes. I had the opportunity to practice my English a lot. I appreciated your feedback about my pronunciation and vocabulary use. I feel more confident in expressing myself in English.
- C.C.
- Federal Employee Group Training
Professor Madhavi is amazing, the absolute best. I have progressed significantly over the past three weeks. I can speak better and understand more
- T.M.
- Federal Employee Group Training
The classes are excellent. We focus on learning the core material, but also have discussions so I can practice my oral skills and get more comfortable with speaking – which is what I find the most difficult. Latifa always takes the time to explain it to me and help me understand. Learning French when you are an older student can be daunting. I don’t think I could have done it without latifa’s support. I highly recommend The Language Studio to anyone who wants to learn
- K.L.
- Federal Employee (1-1 training)
I am absolutely blown away with my progress in the French language course. I took French for 10 years in school and always found everything so confusing and complicated. Our instructor explains things in a way that makes sense, focuses on the important aspects of acquiring a new language, and is endlessly encouraging. I look forward to my class each week and know that if i stick with the classes and continue to practice that fluency is within reach.
- L.F.
- Corporate Group Training
The transition to online learning has been great and using the Webex tools and Chat box has been good for participation in class. I had the opportunity to practice new skills in each class. I feel that my personal progress is very noticeable.
- Anonymous
- Group Training
This is my second term with the learning studio and both have been absolutely great. However, this term with Phillipe was extraordinary. His teaching style, commitment and motivation to teach are inspiring. He was able to meet individual needs of the group members and was always flexible and supportive. Thank you.
- H.S.
- Corporate Group Training
Would i recommend this school to others? Absolutely!
- I.R.
- Corporate Group Training
Phillippe is an excellent and engaging teacher. I really appreciated his unique approach to generating topics for group discussion. Great balance of grammar and free-flowing dialogue. Thank you for a great session!
- Anonymous
- Federal Employee Group Training
Eric is the best French teacher I’ve ever had, and I’ve studied it in both the secondary and post-secondary levels (multiple institutions). His enthusiasm, passion for the French language and culture, as well as mix of challenges, humor and new material covered make for a very beneficial and enjoyable class.
- Anonymous
- Corporate 1-1 Training
Having been a {parttime} student with TLS since 2019, I always recommend them to anyone looking to start their own language training. Working with Una and Delphine is a delight. Their prompt service, kindness and professionalism make it easy for me to communicate with them and develop contracts as needed. They are flexible and always willing to go the extra mile when needed. Eric has been my teacher almost exclusively since 2019. He is my favourite instructor. I love his sense of humour most of all. He makes learning fun and he pushes me to progress in a very non-intimidating environment. He is the best!
- H.M.
- Federal Employee Group Training
Madhavi’s style of teaching was a welcome change to the normal format. I have learnt a great deal and believe that my French language has advanced beyond where I thought I would be at this time. Thank you!
- Anonymous
- Federal Employee Group Training
Sandra is an excellent teacher. She understands the group’s needs, goals, strengths, and areas of improvement. She is very skilled at incorporating technology and a variety of teaching methods to engage the group and for us to advance our learnings in a fun way. I would highly recommend to others.
- L.R.
- Corporate Group Training
Professor Michel is incredibly passionate about teaching French Fundamentals, he makes sure you learn as you go. He has by far been my favourite. Very professional and attentive. Love his teaching style.
- K.W.
- Federal Employee Group Training
Marie-Caroline makes class very engaging and enjoyable, through our conversations, storytelling and through the formal exercises. I remember feeling very worried/scared when I started class because I knew I would make many mistakes and I was not sure that my French was good enough for the intermediate class but she really makes you feel comfortable and willing to try even when you are not certain of a word or answers to the exercises. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in class and I hope to continue.
- E.N.
- Corporate Group Training
Chantal is an excellent learning instructor. She adjusts her approach by student while maintaining a cohesive approach for all. The manner in which she presents the lessons makes them more interesting than the text which helps me learn. She appropriately challenges me and us while maintaining patience, all the while having a fantastic sense of humour. It’s clear chantal is invested in her students – she wants me to succeed. This facilitates learning and makes it very fun.
- R.C.
- Corporate Group Training
I had an excellent experience working with The Language Studio to achieve my French language learning levels, as required for my job as a Public Servant. My teachers were extremely professional, well prepared and worked with me to provide a learning environment tailored to my needs. I was enrolled in full-time training, and during this time the support provided was paramount in instilling my confidence to communicate in French. I would highly recommend The Language School for anyone looking for teachers who truly care about their student’s success.
- Allison Watson
- Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
I participated in one-on-one training with The Language Studio.  I was very impressed with the quality of the training and the variety of tools they provided.  They accommodated my request to provide the training in my office which greatly assisted me.  I would certainly return to The Language Studio for further training.
- Julie A. Jagoe, CMA
- National Director, Financial Services - Environment Canada
I have had numerous teachers at The Language Studio have always successfully passed my job's language assessments. The Studio is very flexible on how classes are run and often tailor them to not only the needs and the learning styles of the students. Their knowledge of the public service assessment processes allowed me to use my time effectively. All teachers I have worked with were fluent and excellent at not only teaching the language but explaining the origins of many parts of the language. They are great French language instruction provider that I highly recommend.
- Kevin U.
I have been taking French lessons with The Language Studio for several years now. My main instructor Latifa is patient, never condescending, flexible and fair. I have also had other instructors and have found them all to be great. I can be comfortable with them all as I work through my lessons and increase my knowledge of the French language. The administrators are quick to respond to any requests I have and to help me get set up for the next round of lessons.
- Cindy H.
The Language Studio provides a thoroughly professional and relaxed learning approach, using many different media. The mixture of one-to-one and group discussions expedites rapid and effective learning and the instructors are highly skilled in the nuances of language and its instruction. I was able to surpass the goal set for my training and succeed beyond expectation when writing my exams. I sincerely recommend The Language Studio to anyone wanting to start learning or to improve their proficiency.
- Jennifer H-A.
As arranger of the French language courses for Agriculture (AAFC) in Guelph and a participant in the courses, I have been impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of The Language Studio and their endeavour to accommodate the different learning situations that have come up. The classes themselves are varied, using many different approaches, including various media and the varied and stimulating discussions. I now have a much greater comfort level in actually using the French that I have learned with my colleagues in Ottawa and Montreal, and my children studying French at home.
- Christine D.
My French language training at The Language Studio has been an enriching experience both in terms of content, Methodology, and the professional instructors that delivered the course work. The instruction was most enjoyable and personable and has been invaluable help with applying the French language inside and outside of the workplace. When seeking second language instruction, The Language Studio offers first rate professional, personalized, and flexible service.
- Ezio D-E.
As an older-than-average student with limited allocation of time, I had significant apprehension about eh choice of a language school to assist me in attaining the ambitious level of fluency required for my new federal government job. However, based on the recommendations of two respected colleagues, I chose The Language Studio and I am confident that I made the best choice.

With the experienced guidance of the Director, excellent instruction from a broad spectrum of teachers and valued input from previous and current students, I exceeded the levels of fluency required on my first attempt ad all three mandatory examinations in less time than was available and without having to travel outside my city of residence for instruction. The training I received also provided an excellent introduction the broader francophone world and an appreciation for important cultural facts and consideration at a global level. This has allowed me to function much more effectively in interactions with francophone colleagues, clients, and contacts from around the world. The learning environment provided by The Language Studio was friendly, flexible, and challenging. It offers a comfortable and supportive entry point for students at all levels of fluency.

For serious students seeking second language instruction for business or personal reasons, I would strongly encourage you to consider The Language Studio!
- John L.
The training I received was individualized and quite focussed with a range of professors, all of which had significant teaching experience. My background was that of someone who took a bit of high school French, and in the space of 12 months, the Language Studio had me fluently writing, reading, and speaking in French!

One of the first tasks I did upon coming back to work was to negotiate a complex R&D agreement with a francophone university, which I was able to do with surprisingly little difficulty.

I would recommend The Language Studio to anyone wanting to learn French in a way that allows them to communicate effectively in French. I use French on a regular basis on my job, both with Canadian and European clients. What The Language Studio did, in effect, was to give me the ability too communicate in French, which is the whole point in learning a language. My colleagues who took a more academic training in French are still struggling with this aspect, whereas I can now read, write, discuss, and defend complex ideas with francophones from industry, academia and government.
- Taras H.
I am enjoying my French classes (at The Language Studio) very much. Eric is an excellent instructor and goes out of his way to add to the material in the textbook to make the classes interesting and relevant.
- T.J.
I very much enjoyed my classes with TLS. My teacher was tough, but fair, and went above and beyond to ensure the success of her students. It was wonderful to work with a teacher that was so personally vested in my overall success.
- J.J.
It was a pleasure working with Lise and learning French language skills in a practical sense.
- Ray P.
I highly recommend The Language Studio. Amany is an excellent teacher, she uses real life examples, is very flexible with our classes and has made the French course very enjoyable.
- Grant K.
The Language Studio is widely recognized for its high standards and professional quality. I have found the staff to be efficient, and fun, making education something to be desired and pursued!
- Sharon L.
My language Studio experience was a faultless one. From coordinating my classes to my teacher, everything has been fluid. I highly recommend. A big thank you to Delphine for her professionalism and responsiveness.

Mon expérience au Langage studio a été un parcours sans faute. De la coordination de mes cours jusqu'à mon enseignant, tout a été fluide. Je recommande vivement. Un grand merci à Delphine pour son professionnalisme et sa réactivité.
- Anne LT.
Great workplace! I was hired as an online language instructor and it was by far the best job experience I've had. The directors, Delphine and Una, were so kind and professional. Their instructions and documents are very straight forward and most importantly I felt like I was part of the team. From the interview to the end of contract they make sure that you feel comfortable and Delphine's kind words always motivated me. As the result, I am so grateful for the great connections I made with The Language Studio inc and the student I still keep in touch with them. Great experience, and I most definitely recommend!
- ChaeYeon K.
I called in for information for their services and I was pleasantly surprised. The woman who answered the phone was able to answer all my questions and even provided information I hadn’t thought to ask about. I would recommend them for your language training needs.
- Stephanie M.
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Le travail qui m'a été confié était intéressant et enrichissant, celà sera pour moi une expérience supplémentaire, ce qui est toujours appréciable de nos jours.
- Adel S.
Chantal is a great teacher. Her enthusiasm and patience knows no bounds.
- Emíle
Great teachers - very accommodating to changing schedules too....
- Mark F.
I would highly recommend the Language Studio and my teacher, Latifa. I have been taking French lessons for a few years and it has been a great experience. I continue to make progress with my French studies and appreciate Latifa's patience and interest in helping me increase my knowledge and confidence.
- Janet L.
Our instructor, Eric is very knowledgeable and personable. He creates an environment where making mistakes is ok and just part of the learning process - very non-intimidating. He is also very flexible and focuses on vocabulary areas that are relevant to our work. Work pressures can impact class attendance and he accommodates that very well.
- Anne
I have had a very positive experience with Language Studio from beginning to end. The administrative aspect of dealing with Language Studio was very professional, highly responsive and answered to my needs. The learning aspect has exceeded my expectations.

From the assessment, to the development of a learning plan to the content and course itself, it was nothing short of excellent. I was given access to a large amount of diverse materials that catered to my specific learning needs, as well as supported both independent learning and guided classes. Having said that, I believe the quality of the faculty is what made my experience even more positive. My instructor was outstanding, adapting to my ever-changing needs, but at the same time keeping me on track. I have not only learned a great deal, but also have gained a level of confidence in using my French skills that are far beyond the relatively short duration of my course (about 8 months in total). I would highly recommend it and I loved the flexibility of taking the classes remotely and being able to get a very focused and targeted plan that fit my needs. Thank you, Language Studio.
- Camilla
Marie-Caroline est merveilleuse. Elle est très intelligente, très patiente, et très dévouée. J'apprends beaucoup.
- Cathy A.
Class with Chantal from The Language Studio is a lot of fun, very comfortable setting, don't feel pressured or intimated when not pronouncing the French words properly. Lots of verbal and classroom interaction.
- Lisa R.
Eric is a great and engaging teacher. He is patient and gently encourages his students to participate and practice their newfound language skills.
- Nadina R.
I have been taking lessons since 2012. My instructor, Eric, has been supportive, patience and encouraging the entire time. I can seem overwhelming to learn a new language and I appreciate Eric's approach. As I've progressed throughout the years, Eric has adjusted his approach and expectations of me - which has helped me accelerate my learning. I really appreciate the learning environmental that I was set up for and Eric has been instrumental in this.
- Kim
The program is structured and moves through levels of learning in a logical manner. Aside from the material, it is our teacher, Chantal, that brings life to the program. Her energy, enthusiasm and humour keep us all engaged. Some of our class time is spent in conversation, which is truly the only way a person can learn another language.
- Jenn
J'apprecie le style que mon enseignante utilise afin de me permettre de parler en francais. En utilisant des articles, mon colleagues et moi ont des discussions interessants.
- Pam