Profile A, B, C

Succeeding at the SLE (Second Language Exam) is not our only goal as we feel that the language being learned should last a lifetime.
The training method used for all Federal employees is: Programme de français langue seconde (PFL2) which is the CSPS communication-based training program focusing on French in the workplace:

– Profile A & B-The beginner and intermediate levels
– Profile C- The advanced level

The 4 components of the language testing are the same for all profiles, but in varying degrees of tolerable error margin concerning the understanding, ambiguity, or clarity of the messages:

  1. Aural comprehension
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Written expression
  4. Oral Interaction

This method is available in an on-line format for all federal employees by accessing their ‘myaccount’ at: . All instructors arrive with the related teaching material and a portable computer for additional material.
In addition to the prescribed method, The Language Studio also incorporates the following accompaniments into individual training plans:
• Industry/department specific: Students will work on technical documents and vocabulary related to their field of work such as regulations, policies, programs, procedures, correspondence, etc.
• Written Expression: 1000 practice tests similar to those at the PSC that have been developed by TLS to be completed by the students autonomously, and then corrected with the instructor.
• Aural/Reading/Oral interaction: 150 pages of oral questions and role-play simulation exercises emulating those of the PSC.


  • Each student has a personally developed training plan
  • Training is overseen by a Program Manager and Pedagogical Advisor
  • Intensive training will be shared among several teachers in to enrich the experience and to contribute to diversity of accents, intonations, pedagogical approaches.
  • Oral exam preparation will see an increased diversity of training.
  • Flexibility in delivery methods: face to face or online
  • Flexibility in location: work site, residence, public location, virtual
  • Flexibility of scheduling and rescheduling includes evenings and weekends


Send us your requirements and your test results (from the PSC); we would be pleased to provide you with a personalized quote.
We can provide in-house assessments with a Pedagogical Advisor.


“I had an excellent experience working with The Language Studio to achieve my French language learning levels, as required for my job as a Public Servant. My teachers were extremely professional, well prepared and worked with me to provide a learning environment tailored to my needs. I was enrolled in full-time training, and during this time the support provided was paramount in instilling my confidence to communicate in French. I would highly recommend The Language School for anyone looking for teachers who truly care about their student’s success." - Allison Watson - Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
"I participated in one-on-one training with the Language Studio.  I was very impressed with the quality of the training and the variety of tools they provided.  They accommodated my request to provide the training in my office which greatly assisted me.  I would certainly return to the Language Studio for further training." 
- Julie A. Jagoe, CMA - National Director, Financial Services - Environment Canada
"I have had numerous teachers at the Language studio have always successfully passed my job's language assessments. The Studio is very flexible on how classes are run and often tailor them to not only the needs and the learning styles of the students. Their knowledge of the public service assessment processes allowed me to use my time effectively. All teachers I have worked with were fluent and excellent at not only teaching the language but explaining the origins of many parts of the language. They are great French language instruction provider that I highly recommend."
- Kevin U
"I have been taking French lessons with The Language Studio for several years now. My main instructor Latifa is patient, never condescending, flexible and fair. I have also had other instructors and have found them all to be great. I can be comfortable with them all as I work through my lessons and increase my knowledge of the French language. The administrators are quick to respond to any requests I have and to help me get set up for the next round of lessons."
- Cindy H.
“The Language Studio provides a thoroughly professional and relaxed learning approach, using many different media. The mixture of one-to-one and group discussions expedites rapid and effective learning and the instructors are highly skilled in the nuances of language and its instruction. I was able to surpass the goal set for my training and succeed beyond expectation when writing my exams. I sincerely recommend The Language Studio to anyone wanting to start learning or to improve their proficiency.”
- Jennifer H-A.
“As arranger of the French language courses for Agriculture (AAFC) in Guelph and a participant in the courses, I have been impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of The Language Studio and their endeavour to accommodate the different learning situations that have come up. The classes themselves are varied, using many different approaches, including various media and the varied and stimulating discussions. I now have a much greater comfort level in actually using the French that I have learned with my colleagues in Ottawa and Montreal, and my children studying French at home.”
- Christine D.
“My French language training at The Language Studio has been an enriching experience both in terms of content, methodology, and the professional instructors that delivered the course work. The instruction was most enjoyable and personable and has been invaluable help with applying the French language inside and outside of the workplace. When seeking second language instruction, The Language Studio offers first rate professional, personalized, and flexible service.”
- Ezio D-E.
“As an older-than-average student with limited allocation of time, I had significant apprehension about eh choice of a language school to assist me in attaining the ambitious level of fluency required for my new federal government job. However, based on the recommendations of two respected colleagues, I chose The Language Studio and I am confident that I made the best choice.
With the experienced guidance of the Director, excellent instruction from a broad spectrum of teachers and valued input from previous and current students, I exceeded the levels of fluency required on my first attempt ad all three mandatory examinations in less time than was available and without having to travel outside my city of residence for instruction. The training I received also provided an excellent introduction the broader francophone world and an appreciation for important cultural facts and consideration at a global level. This has allowed me to function much more effectively in interactions with francophone colleagues, clients, and contacts from around the world. The learning environment provided by The Language Studio was friendly, flexible, and challenging. It offers a comfortable and supportive entry point for students at all levels of fluency.

For serious students seeking second language instruction for business or personal reasons, I would strongly encourage you to consider The Language Studio!"
- John L.
The training I received was individualized and quite focussed with a range of professors, all of which had significant teaching experience. My background was that of someone who took a bit of h igh school French, and in the space of 12 months, the Language Studio had me fluently writing, reading, and speaking in French!
One of the first tasks I did upon coming back to work was to negotiate a complex R&D agreement with a francophone university, which I was able to do with surprisingly little difficulty.
I would recommend the Language Studio to anyone wanting to learn French in a way that allows them to communicate effectively in French. I use French on a regular basis on my job, both with Canadian and European clients. What The Language Studio did, in effect, was to give me the ability too communicate in French, which is the whole point in learning a language. My colleagues who took a more academic training in French are still struggling with this aspect, whereas I can now read, write, discuss, and defend complex ideas with francophones from industry, academia and government.”
- Taras H.